Crystal Infused Candles

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Once your candle has burned retrieve your crystal

Amethyst - enhances healing + spiritual growth.  Features notes of soothing lavender.

Citrine  - radiates vibes of positivity and success. Features notes of tangy Grapefruit and sweet Mangosteen.

Moonstone - increases your intuition and connects you to the moon's energy to inspire new beginnings.  Features notes of citrus and sweet fruit.

Obsidian blocks negative energy. Features notes of fresh linen.

Peach Quartz  - Radiates peaceful vibes, so you may evoke your spiritual calm.  Features notes of sweet peach and fresh lavender.

Tiger's Eye - Radiates powerful vibes to release fear and anxiety.  Notes of Oakmoss + Amber

Rose Quartz - Radiates vibes of unconditional love. Notes of fig and rose.

Hand-poured and made with 100% American farmed soy wax, the natural essential + fragrance oil blend . • 9 oz Jar • 50 HR Burn Time