Museware Dishware

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Porcelain dishware handcrafted by Museware Pottery for potheads. Stoneware for stoners... high five! Munch on.

-Flower to the People 6.5" round ceramic plate

-High Five rectangular dish 4.5x8.5"ceramic plate

-This is a Dope Bowl 5.75", 2.5" deep ceramic bowl

-Boo! 8x8" glass plate

-Everywhere We Look, There You Are 8x8" glass plate

-Oh Yes You Did 7x7" ceramic plate

-Yay You 7x7" ceramic plate

-Wish You Were Here 6" round ceramic plate

-Life Was Good 6" round ceramic plate

All dishes are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Thank you for supporting a small business one dope dish at a time.