Crystal Infused Candles

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Hand poured into an elegant clear Vegetable primed cotton wick and a crystal hidden inside, instantly making it the perfect gift.

Up to 40 hours burn time. Once the wax has melted down, and you can see the crystal, carefully retrieve the crystal with a spoon and wash it thoroughly with hot water. 8oz

Amazonite: The Stone of Truth & Courage. Scented: Clean Floral with notes of Cyclamen & Freesia. 

Black Tourmaline: Stone of Protection. Scented: French Lavender and Egyptian Musk. 

Carnelian: The Stone of Focus. Scented: Blood Orange & Grapefruit. 

Citrine: Stone of Success & Prosperity. Scented: Passionfruit & Jasmine. 

 Clear Quartz: Stone of Power. Scented: Lavender & Sage.

Rose Quartz: Stone of Love & Harmony. Scented: Pink Amber & Candied Jasmine. 

Amethyst: Stone of Creativity & Inspiration: Coconut & Peach

Tiger's Eye: Stone of Confidence: Passionfruit & Guava